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About the Artists


Kal and Dana here. Collectively we have been artists and educators for over 62 years.

We are both dedicated to re-purposing and recycling materials and sharing this approach with students.

Dana Albany

Dana has won multiple awards, and has mosaics and murals around San Francisco. She has presented large scale installations at arts festivals and galleries. She has taught and volunteered at schools and youth programs for years.

Kal Spelletich

Kal teaches, lectures, exhibits and presents workshops at schools and Universities around the world. His latest work involves experimenting with bio-morphic inputs that trigger machines and robots to provide viewers with a direct real-life experience.

He has won numerous awards.



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  1. Y.E.S., una nave espacial para la educación | Youth Educational Spacecraft project | ecosistema urbano - September 30, 2013

    […] Hoy comparto con ustedes un proyecto un poco especial descubierto mientras estaba buscando información sobre el festival Burning Man y educación: les presento el Youth Educational Spacecraft project (Y.E.S.). Se trata de un aula móvil con forma de nave espacial diseñada y construida por un grupo de artistas, ingenieros, niños y voluntarios. En el origen del proyecto encontramos a los artistas y educadores Dana Albany y Kal Spelletich. […]

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