Classes at Dana Alban’y workshop and The Bayview Boys and Girls Club.

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Everyone can see there’s a problem:

I think so many of our young people drop out not because school is too hard, but because it’s too easy. They’re not engaged, they’re not challenged.” – Arne Duncan | US Secretary of Education

46 percent of teachers in public schools leave the profession within five years. – USA Today

“Our education system is broken, focused more on the needs of adults and special interests than children.” – Michelle Rhee | Former Chancellor of DC Public Schools

Nearly 80% of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter community college. – CBS New York

But how did things end up here: checked-out students, disillusioned teachers fleeing their profession, a bloated administration on every level from local to federal? How long can our country survive with a broken system? What can we do to fix it? Can it be fixed at all?




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