The Y.E.S. Project….Youth Educational Spacecraft Project… a Mobile Spaceship Classroom.

The spaceship integrates creativity, art, technology and history in the daily lives of students. It is a form of social practice. The Bayview District, a low income neighborhood where our studios are located, is a neighborhood that needs investment in this kind of public artwork, it will be an uplifting presence and bring beauty to everyday life. This approach can be applied anywhere the spaceship travels to.


We are bringing art and creativity to thousands of school children and adults. In a time when funding for art and science education is constantly cut, the Youth Educational Spacecraft Project is dedicated to providing the valuable resource of art and technology to people in want and need.

We are already opening up our spaceship to neighborhood youth and adults presenting workshops and letting locals build it. We are volunteering for at need communities at the Boys and Girls clubs for after school art classes in the Tenderloin and Bayview districts in San Francisco and would like to expand this with your support.


How we will use your support:

We have worked on projects that start with a boom and then slow down. We are bound and determined to keep this one going. With your support the spaceship will become a full time classroom. We also need funds so students get to keep the projects they work on, for instance, mosaics and robots.

We can vastly multiply any funding we get by our sheer determination and dedication. We aren’t going anywhere and are sticking with this. We want to have a full time curriculum for the school year of 2013/14.

When you donate, your rewards will be amazing. From mosaics classes where you get to keep a mosaic to running and owning fire breathing robots. You will not forget these gifts!

If you can’t financially contribute, you can still help!

Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.

Share this campaign with folks who may be interested.


WE are looking for partners to help implement and launch us. We already have initial funding and support from Make Magazine, The Exploratorium, Black Rock Arts Foundation, The Crucible, Recology and……

Constructionism is learning by discovery, by doing, by making.  Instructionism is learning by being told.

Funding and support has been granted thus far from the Burning Man Project, SCRAP, Black Rock Arts Foundation, Maker’s Faire, The Crucible and the Exploratorium.

contact: tobor__@hotmail.com


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